Business Overview



 Organizational Chart


Boiling Point

Higher than 132℃

Specific Gravity



Burning Point

Higher than 370℃

Vapor Pressure

Smaller than 5mm at 20℃


Mixture abstracted from plants
Deposited after being separated and floated on the surface of liquid
No danger of fire
Transparent yellowish brown color, orange smelling liquid No harmful to human body with its environmental friendly characteristics


Avoid direct rays. Do not store at high temperature or high moisture
Watch out for strong acid or salty substance
GAS inhalation is no harmful

Supply Unit of
SR -51

DRUM : 50G/L, 5G/L

 Physical and chemical high temperature pyrosis system and analysis on

 Single icon and complicated icon samples may be actually treated or tested at Moscow
    Laboratory, 아르해보-주해보 (Russia), and then you can directly see and receive the
    designor handling process for inquiry.

 Detailed process design designing for non-standardized products is available.
 Provides Titan compound metal applied materials with great plant design capacity, endurance     and acid resistance.
 Manufactures non-standardized products (igniter, main combustor, heat exchanger,     impinger, burner, cleaner and nozzle)
 Provides standardized items in a set (pump, blower, fan, gear), manufactures titanium alloy
    with great acid resistance and endurance.
 Provides equipment for manufacturing incinerator and design services (equipment’s heat and
    material balancing, test operation: Russian technician)

      Organic pollutant acid, alcohol, ketone, petroleum product, waste oil, cutting oil, rolling oil, aldehyde
       * Sulfur, phosphoric acid and halogen containing materials. Vegetable waste liquid, agricultural chemical, PCB and nitrogen containing materials



Design Based DATA




  Organische Stoff als































(ng TE/N㎥)


Rubber Recycling Plant System, which decomposes tire waste or rubber waste with nonpolluting process, is designed to recycle wasted rubbers/tires, which are cut into pieces of 70~120㎜ (size of two cigarette cases) automatically inserted into complicated sublimation chamber at temperature of 200℃~250℃, into original materials, and then it allows you to select producing compound gas or oil primarily according to decomposition principle inside sublimation chamber. Moreover, it abstracts original materials of iron cores, Carbon Black and GRIT, which is coagulant rubber mold.

Heat source required for plant operation is supplied from its own heat source provided by methane/other remaining gases generated as byproducts.

This mechanical facility, RRP-50 model, has capacity of handling 50t of tire wastes (average of 5,000 tires) at maximum based on 24-hours operation a day. For an example, you may expect to get following recycled materials from 1t of waste tires.

Recycled materials from 1t of waste tires are as following.
1. Oil (400ℓ)
2. Carbon Black (280ℓ)
3. Steel (98kg)