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Styrofoam Waste Reducer Solution S.R. -51, which was developed to remove problems of existing electronic reducer solutions, is a natural solution environmental-friendly reducing E.P.S wastes.
S.R. -51 is not only environmental friendly, but also economically efficient. With S.R. -51, you can directly produce INGOT at the place where E.P.S wastes are generated and even while you are moving, which saves time and is convenient. Moreover, it has no problem with reducing and recycling large amount of E.P.S just like general reducer solutions. INGOT generated with S.R. -51 are more convenient with producing PELLET compared to INGOT generated by using other methods.

TR Environmental Technology is organized with Russian, Japanese and Korean research teams.
For our high temperature pyrosis system technologies (poisonous liquefied P.C.B, halogen group, non-halogen group), Russian Energy Technology Institution has been working on research and development constantly for more than last 40 years.
Our incinerator (high temperature pyrosis system) is designed and manufactured with American EPA 23 method 6 Nine(99.9999%) pyrosis system process technology, which provides 100k/h to 8,000kg/h with no smoke, smell and oil discharge. We reasonably manufacture and sell high temperature incinerator and perform marketing activities.

This new technology of low temperature decomposition for waste tire and waste synthetic rubber, which was developed by the head office and successed for commercial use the first of the world, and then introduced based on the technical cooperation, is the first technology in the world discomposing waste into oil, carbon black, iron, methane and composite gas as well as providing continuous operations at 200℃~250℃.