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Most commonly used methods in nowadays are the electric and frictional type method. SR-51 is a vegetable solution with no performance reduction and evaporation as well as being usable for eternity. Moreover, it requires low operation expense and is dissolved in gel form, which requires no additional expense when recycling by producing INGOT and PELLET. Since it provides no bad smell like electric type method, you can also enjoy the delightful working environment.

As Korea is a OECD member country, dumping any kind of liquefied waste (wasted oil, leachate, wasted alcohol, agricultural chemical waste, P.C.B and others) into ocean is strictly prohibited. Moreover, since Korea also prohibits carrying them to other country, we will have to take care of them in our own country. The above incinerators, developed with our pure technologies, allow you to dissolve them within the range of any environment regulations. In addition, it is the most complete method and requires lower expense compared to any other method.

This technology introduced for the first time in the world provides great economical advantages by requiring extremely low operation expense unless only initial construction expense is invested (US$2/ea for advanced countries). Since advanced countries are facing more serious difficulties with handling great amount of tire wastes, this technology is expected to attract world’s attention as an export PLANT. Because decomposition process may be performed at low temperature, in continuous way and in original type, CARBON BLACK may be recycled for various uses. However, this plant provides doubled or tripled advantages if GAS and OIL are used as subsidiary facility for devices requiring great amount of heats (seam supply and power generation, cement manufacturing).