Manufacturing Waste
Styrofoam Reducing
Agent (SR-51) and


 Tire Waste and
Rubber Waste Low
Temperature Pyrosis
System (T.R.P.-50)



      Thanks for using product of T.R- FOODWASTE.

  • What is a device for Food trash fermentation to extinction?

    This device is to turn the food trash that is produced from home or restaurant, into a
    reusable organic matter of fertilizer or Animal feed or extinguishable state by ferment
    decomposition of the food trash in 24 hours with this product and microorganism
    fermentation germ.
  • Please operate as follows.
  1.  Put in the food trash often whenever it is piled. (But, should not put in over the
    daily maximum limit volume to be processed. It may cause machine disorder.)
  2. Put in after cutting into pieces for the trash of tough textile and large volume.
  3. Do not input trash until it is thoroughly dried if the fermentation tank is humid.
  4. Clean regularly the leftovers remained in the fermentation tank.
  5. Put in only the decomposable trash only as described in the operating manual.
  6. For maintaining clean environment of kitchen, install the machine at the location
    of good ventilation. (Atmosphere may be too close by humidity).
  7. Refrain from reach of children.
  • There are benefits as follows.
  Almost everlasting fermentation with microorganism
Most of microorganisms are not active or dead under the circumstance of high salt and acid,
but this company’s aerotropic bio microorganism generate a unique enzyme and continue
being highly active normally with high resolution and self propagation. (But, microorganism
should be exchanged if it is dead by over capacity or poor maintenance.)

Method of deodorants with metal transition catalyst
(Deodorants: exchanged by every 6 months~1 year)
The way of Deodorants on this device is to remove the stench by applying own developed technology of microorganism transition catalyst as a first step, and then extinguish the stench, that is still remaining from 1st step, thoroughly by applying the transition metal catalyst that gives no harm to human. The method of deodorants abides by green politics and is economic method that lasts long and needs less additional cost.

   Component name and Notice

   Product Installation Process

   Preparing Product Operation

  1. Install the product at the recommended place.
  2. Plug in the power code to consent.
  3. Pour the Bio-power inside the vinyl pack (different by the process capacity) into the fermentation tank.
  4. Run for an hour in automation mode. (The time is displayed on the operation status display window)
   Product Operation

    Have you complete the preparation? Then, try the product as follows

  1. Open the cover of the product
  2. Put the food trash in the fermentation tank under the volume of one time processing.
     - Keep the optimum quantity for one round operation. Over-input causes a machine       malfunctioning.

     - Over-input will make the decomposition process slow.

     - If the bio-power in fermentation tank is changed like a soup by over capacity, then stop putting       in until it is completely dried. (In most cases, the microorganism will be recovered by itself       automatically, but it should be replaced if it has been affected seriously)

    3. Close the cover. All the features of the product will run in full automation mode.
     * When putting in food trash
      - Though there is no need to squeeze the wet. It will be more efficient to remove the wet in         the netted basket and then put in the food trash.

      - It is more efficient putting in the material after cutting the tough textile or big food trash into         small pieces.

   The food trash that is possible to decompose