Manufacturing Waste
Styrofoam Reducing
Agent (SR-51) and


 Tire Waste and
Rubber Waste Low
Temperature Pyrosis
System (T.R.P.-50)

The most efficient and economic method of recycling wasted E.P.S is the reducing method by physical changes.
Physical changes are the best choice for recycling resources and the whole world will by using this method.
Until now, most countries have been using “Waste Reduce System” using electric energy, and Korea also has been using this method.
However, this reducing method contains various difficulties, such as difficult separated collection, transportation, cleaning, pulverizing process, complicated mechanical operation and strict E.P.S. condition.
This cuases great amount of expense for recycling wasted E.P.S., and has limitation with improving the recycling rate.
While we were trying to complement problems of this reduce device, we have recognize that aiming for physical changes is more appropriate and finally developed SR-51, which is the most appropriate device for actual circumstances.

With materials abstracted from various plants, which are provided by nature, SR-51 is manufactured with physical composition method.
Manufacturing method for SR-51 may not be open to public at the moment because we are preparing for patent of this manufacturing procedure.

Since SR-51 is in liquefied form, common foreign substances on wasted E.P.S are sank to the bottom of the liquid due to its gravity.
INGOT generated by reduction in this process stays at upper part of the liquid for a long time.
Therefore, since you can separate foreign substances perfectly by taking INGOT out of the liquid, INGOT generated form this process may be used for producing recycled products in best quality.

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Electric Reducer

1. Simple procedure (No cleaning and fragmentation process)
2. Extremely low electricity consumption.
3. Environmental friendly and no hazardous.
4. Simple and constant process until production of PELLET
5. Producing PELLET directly is possible since reduction in transportation and INGOT productions are enabled.
6. Operating environment is very delightful.
7. Simple mechanical function, no malfunction and low price.

1. Great amount of electricity consumption is required in the process of INGOT → PELLET
2. Transportation to where the device is installed is difficult.
3. Terrible operating environment with bad smell in operation.
4. Expensive PLANT cost.5. Frequent PLANT malfunction.